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Green Sustainable Energy Solutions
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Vel Navitas Energy is an industrial solar company with engineering, trading and export competencies while operating as a ‘technology independent vendor and supplier’ of various renewable equipment.

We combine well-proven business principles with an innovative performance profile.

Our company dispose a network of engineers and manufacturers out of which we form a unique and made-to-measure strategic alliance for every contract.

We aim to bring together the best practices and products.

Vel Navitas offer client solutions that are tailored to individual needs.



An increasing number of clients are choosing to install solar systems in their businesses or households to help reduce energy costs by making use of the power they can generate off their own buildings to ensure the security of continuous power.


Our Passion

The passion for the company comes from the belief that the future for our plant lies in unlocking green sustainable energy solutions. Ranging from sustainable ways to design and build to that of creating green power. Striving to live harmoniously with our plant and what it has to offer without diminishing its precious limited resources. Green energy will allow places and people that previously were not able to gain access to conventional power a way to generate it for themselves, reshaping not only their futures and those of the generations to come.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a world free from the pollutants that are currently being used in everyday life and replace them with green technology. Vel Navitas believes that the time for change is now and our track record of building and creating green technology firsts speak for itself, from sustainably build schools to revolutionary solar panels.


Recently Vel Navitas Energy has been involved in extensive research into power storage systems, realising the growing need for an alternative to the conventional storage options that are no longer advanced enough to cope with the ever-evolving technology in power creation and storage.

They are in the final stages of securing partnerships with two of South Africa’s largest blue-chip companies to design, develop and produce a revolutionary solution to the power storage option. The product will be a first of its kind not only in South Africa but globally as well, reshaping the world of power storage solutions.